Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Tool for School

For my "Cool Tool for School" I typed in "Top 10 Educational Resources" and came across a tool named Teachade. I picked this one because it said it was a social networking type of website. You have to create a username and password to get on it, but I think it would be worth the hassle of doing it all. When you create a username and such it asks what school district you are from and from there you are able to find other colleagues from the district or even other districts, and it allows you interact with them. The site allows you to look for lesson plans made by other teachers for certain grade levels and different subjects. The one thing that really caught my eye was Adopt a Classroom. This allows you to put your classroom online where member in the community can help support your classroom by donating supplies, books, even money for certain materials. It goes through a registration process that allows this all to be safe and make sure only you receive the needed materials or more. Teachade even allows you to create a blog so other professionals on the site can see what you have to see or you can look at what others are saying and their ideas. The website seems pretty cool so why not check it out? Teachade!

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  1. This seems very helpful, and I could totally see myself using it in the future.