Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"This I believe.." Reflection

While doing "This I believe.." project I discovered how easy it is to recall all the events of that time in my life that has created the want for me to teach. It was an important and rough time in my life. Those memories are still very easy to recall and have burned images into my brain. It was fun looking for pictures to put into my video. I don't have any of my house fire, so i had to look online for one that was very similar to mine. Also I barely had any of my mentally challenged uncle, so I also had to go online and look for photos to put into the video. I enjoyed looking for photos that best resembled what I was talking about. What I found difficult was using PhotoStory. I thought I could record myself and let it play and have the pictures be like a slide show, but that wasn't the case. It was a pain to have to click on each photo and record a segment of my belief statement. In the end it all worked out. Lastly, I could use video in my classroom by providing pictures of things the young children may not know what they are such as animals or even letters. Instead of doing it the traditional way with  pictures around the classroom. This way I have a larger variety to pick from.

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