Thursday, February 16, 2012

PowerPoint presentation

We had to create a PowerPoint on a standard for a lesson plan in a class we would be teaching after college. I chose to create it on 1st grade math a parking cars technique. It really helped me learn more about PowerPoint and gave me ideas of how i could use it in my classroom once I have one. The best thing is that it we learned how to make it interactive which is very beneficial when it comes to younger kids. This way they are able to go up to the smart board or work with other people communicating ideas and possible solutions. There were many benefits to this activity.

 I learned how to hyperlink from one slide to another. With this concept I had two answers to a math question, one right the other wrong obviously, and asked the students which one to pick. Whatever answer they picked it would take them to a slide where the right answer was shown to them and how to do the equation and get the right answer. After they saw that then I put an action button, telling them to click on it once they were done taking them to the next slide. I never knew how to do that before, but now I do.

With the hyperlink and the action button being new things I learned and really took away from this it was an area I struggled in obviously because it was new, but also really starting the whole thing was difficult. When it comes to creative things like this I tend to sit and start at the computer for a long time before getting an idea. I guess i'm just not very creative? I eventually started to think of some ideas and it all worked out. It took awhile though. I thought the assignment wasn't explained very thoroughly, but it allowed us to struggle and figure things out for ourselves and I do like this about this class and I liked it with this assingment. We aren't told how to do things exactly. We are given something, maybe given a few instructions, then we go out and do whatever it is we need to do.

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