Monday, February 20, 2012


I personally love Twitter. I've had one for about a year. I didn't use it much in the early stages but over the summer i started to really get into it.It is completely different from Facebook, and in my opinion that's a good thing. I like how you can retweet things and with the click of the button. You can go back and see what you retweeted a month or a year ago. That is where it can be beneficial for a teacher like me to use. When I go through my twitter feed I can see who is tweeting what, and now that I follow quite a few educators i can retweet what they say and go back and look at it when I have more time. I can apply techniques or the activities that some of them are tweeting into my classroom. Also there are many educator or educator pages that people can follow that will give you many ideas for classroom activities, and lessons.

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  1. Great! Thank you for sharing your opinion of Twitter!